Older Mornings

drkatzMORNINGI was eating breakfast and watching Dr. Katz yesterday. He’s the jiggle vision cartoon therapist who has comedians for clients. They act like they’re getting therapy, but really they are just going through their comedy bits in front of an audience of one. I was laughing until two of them were talking about their morning wake up routines. It was still funny but now I’m experiencing some of theĀ same things they shared with Dr. Katz.

5 Responses to Older Mornings

  1. I really enjoyed that. I have to do back stretces before I even think of sitting up.

  2. Just don’t get to the point where you think you did something you didn’t do, like I just did. I thought I took my 6:30 pills, and when I checked 2 1/2 hrs later, I hadn’t. Just don’t think you woke up when you hadn’t. But I guess that’s why we have the fail-safe alarms (wives).

  3. Just don’t do like I do- think you woke up when you’re really asleep. Like this morning-I thought I took my 6:30 pills, and 3 hrs later, I realized I hadn’t. Imagine how Rip felt.

  4. I guess I thought I didn’t send that and I really did.

  5. Your dad is too funny. We’re all getting there but I’m not going to admit it!

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