Moon DarlaIt was a historic moment. America made it to the moon before the Russians– but what was this object on the surface waiting for the astronauts? Someone else had apparently landed before the Americans and raised Darla’s birthday flag! This single photo was snapped for the occasion right before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong erected a US flag just a few feet away. Happy Birthday Sis!

8 Responses to 1969

  1. How cool is this! Aldrin & Armstrong thought they had accomplished something. That daughter of mine and sister of yours could move the planet’s if she had a mind to.

  2. Tell Darla happy B day and on the other side of that flag,…..does it say Mtv?

  3. It says “Darla can beat Sasquatch, the Russians or anybody at anything anytime”.

  4. He kinda looks like sasquatch, doesn’t he?:)

  5. I think under the helmet is Martha Quinn…

  6. ure it’s not Martha Stewart?:)

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