He Was Ahead Of His Time

yearbookhooveBack in the 1980′s Jeff Hoover knew how to record phone conversations with a suction cup from Radio Shack. I didn’t start doing it until a few weeks ago. We recorded the show in his kitchen last week in Neosho. Afterward we played a few video games. On the next episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN you can hear all of the subjects we covered. Here is a preview:

5 Responses to He Was Ahead Of His Time

  1. Next show will be interesting,…he sounds like a strange man….

  2. I miss Hoovie, can’t believe we never run in to each other in town.
    He is one of your friends, I’ll never forget. Remember when he took a flying leap onto the couch and it broke a spring? Wasn’t so funny then but hilarious now. Boys will be boys!

  3. mom,….I believe that spring was loose BeforE I hit the sofa….

  4. Probably was, you and Davy were about the same size. :) :) :)
    How are you Hoovie?

  5. just kidding, Im doing alright, family is good.


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