Connecting Dots Without Numbers

manzoorTWEETWhen Sarfraz Manzoor replied to my tweet a few days ago, I was overjoyed. He wrote a book that inspired a movie about being a Pakistani teenager in Great Britain during the Margaret Thatcher years: the 1980′s. I watched the movie first. Now I’m reading the book. Anytime I reach out to another creative soul and he or she responds, it feels like I’m connecting the dots.

3 Responses to Connecting Dots Without Numbers

  1. Tell me what you think of Blinded by the Light. I have heard that title but have no idea what it’s about. Guess I’ll look it up.

    • Mom, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT is a very moving story about a young man’s troubled relationship & reconciliation with his father in the 1980′s. here’s the trailer

  2. I can’t connect the dots with the numbers.

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