Giddy Up Gobble Gobble!

turkeyriderOne timeĀ  I asked my grandma what it was like growing up on the farm & how far she had to ride the school bus. She answered: “School bus?!? I never heard of such nonsense! Sonny, in my day we either walked to school, or we rode the family TURKEY! And as you can see by this old photo, we were happy to do it!” Thanksgiving was a hit this year in Joplin. We took the saddle off the turkey, and cooked it until it was tender.

3 Responses to Giddy Up Gobble Gobble!

  1. I rode the bus 26 miles except the first day of Jr. High. That day I had to hitchhike for missing the bus, with the stipulation that I call as soon as I got the to avoid serious consequences from my dad.

  2. :) :) never heard that story :) :) Have to ask Aunt Jean about that. She remembers things nobody else does which make me wonder truth or fiction!

  3. So, you took the saddle off the turkey and cooked it?! I would have cooked the turkey and left the saddle alone. But I’m not one to rein in anyone’s unbridled passion for Thanksgiving. Please pass the stirrup.

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