InspiroBot To The Rescue

popularBOYesterday one of my dry humored friends was telling me about de-motivational posters that crack him up. They are the sort of posters that encourage someone to embrace mediocrity instead of aiming higher. While I agreed it was funny, I also thought it was depressing– so I nodded, smiled politely, and showed him InspiroBot images like the one above. He said “I don’t get it.” I tried to tell him that sometimes there’s nothing to “get,” there’s just some dissected random bits of inspiration juxtaposed to stock photos. I haven’t blogged about this since last winter. When the days get shorter and optimism get darker, I’d rather get weirder.

4 Responses to InspiroBot To The Rescue

  1. Hmm, I still don’t get it. ( Please don’t color me stupid ) How do people’s brains work that think these things up? Maybe they’ve fallen on their head one too many times!

  2. Come on everybody. Let’s meet minimum expectations. Who’s with me?

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