Two Nebraskans In The Holy Land

TRIMMEDTwo people taking a selfie on a boat tour. I know that’s what it looks like on the surface. This is actually something of greater importance though– it’s Dhruba and Andi on the Sea of Galilee! They are floating where Jesus walked!!! Andi has been sending us pics like these for a week now. They have been in Jerusalem most of that time enjoying the sights, sounds, and food around them. We just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago. They went floating in the Dead Sea earlier today, and were returning to their hotel.Oh hang on… the phone’s ringing again– it’s Andi!

3 Responses to Two Nebraskans In The Holy Land

  1. They both look so happy..

    • oh yeah, and we had a good conversation with andi yesterday. they’ve really been enjoying themselves. jenny’s been following them closely using an app on her phone to see where they go each day. she’s vacationing vicariously!

  2. I knew before i read your comment one of them was a Herman, and it wasn’t the male.

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