Son (or Daughter) of Charlie Brown

blacklithallowsLight a pumpkin, play something on the Farfisa organ, and let a Charlie Brown style Halloween happen tomorrow night! I forgot how cool orange and purple look under a black light. I’ve also forgotten the name of the artist that had this exhibit on display at John Brown University– but I think he (or she) has spent a few nights waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

3 Responses to Son (or Daughter) of Charlie Brown

  1. Just catching up on your last 3 post. We took our little girl’s on a spooky trail walk through the woods where all kinds of spooks jumped out at us. While we waited for our guide, we watched The great pumpkin outside sitting on hay bails. Crazy little girl’s loved it.

  2. Derek’s girls? I’m glad they loved the great pumpkin! Did the spooks scare you as well?

  3. Yes on both. Izzy & Lilly. That walk was suppose to take 15 minutes, but Izzy ran through it in 10. She wasn’t terribly afraid but didn’t want to linger.

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