Tune Up The Pumpkins!

LINUSandPUMPKINgiphyThe days are cooler, the leaves are changing, and the air is crisp again. Now we can play the Star Wars theme on pumpkins, autumn squash, and warty gourds! It’s time to gather those natural resources for the unnatural display of music, vegetables, and mayhem that is BEEP GOES THE WEASEL. October 26th (that’s tomorrow!) Overland Park Lutheran will host a trunk or treat event from 4-6pm. When the kids aren’t grabbing candy out of someone’s trunk, they will be jamming to retro Halloween hits, and playing Smoke On The Water on a cornucopia of autumnal gourds!

4 Responses to Tune Up The Pumpkins!

  1. And I wish I could be there playing ghostbusters and Linus and Lucy while they were doing their thing.

  2. Dad! You’re a genius!!! I needed two more songs for my BEEP set, and those are perfect! Thanks! I wish you could be here too.

  3. Perfect. See, we still make a team.

  4. Early, early Sunday morning, just now reading what’s happening in your world. Just wish I could have hidden in the trunk and ate the candy!
    Know you had fun.

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