The Pickle Sisters

picklesistersmargaret, mavis, opal, and florence were just names that no one knew until they changed them to dillie, kosher, gherkin, and bee bee. they recorded a few songs that got on the radio. they appeared in a newsreel that grabbed every moviegoers attention– and suddenly everyone was crazy about the pickle sisters. green studded dresses started flying off the racks, children ransacked their parents wardrobe closet for anything that looked like a pickle hat, and i’m green for your form reached #6 on the hit parade.
-my thanks to the good folks at weird vintage everyday for posting this on instagram. i saw the pic & made up a story– but i really hope some of it is true.

3 Responses to The Pickle Sisters

  1. I do too, otherwise we’re in a pickle.

  2. I can’t even imagine ANY ONE AT ANY TIME IN ANY CULTURE thinking this would gain acceptance in performance. It ranks right in there with Tiny Tim.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    Their act was so jarring that they were eventually canned.

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