Jane’s Turn

janethe final chapter of a trilogy will be starting in a few hours when i drive to nevada to see my sister and shuttle jane back to kansas city. jane is my youngest niece. her two older sisters spent time with us sightseeing in kc, and now it’s jane’s turn. we’re making a list of stuff to do while she’s here. i know she likes video games, drawing, and dry humor… i wonder where she gets it.

4 Responses to Jane’s Turn

  1. I was wondering where all this visiting was leading to, and I had a sneaky suspicion that Jane wouldn’t be left out. Just make sure she eats all her peas.

    • peas?!? i made breakfast for both of us this morning (jenny had already gone to work) and i made hashbrowns, sausgages, eggs, and toast. she ate that up!

  2. man, i can’t spell sausages

  3. By the way, I just realized something else different about Jane E. Her hair! Just now Abby brought it to my attention. She really looks nice with it like that.

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