Happy Birthday To Us

menfamousbdaybroswe are brothers from another mother, so we don’t look like each other. donald sutherland was a lecherous pothead college professor when animal house hit theaters in 1978. david hasselhoff played a “salt water junkie” lifeguard on TV’s baywatch during the 1980′s. what’s my claim to fame? sometimes i wear hospital scrubs in public, and when someone asks “are you a doctor?” i always answer “no, but i play one on TV.” anyway… we were all born today, july 17.

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  1. Lars Fessenton

    You were so much older then, you’re younger than that now. Happy Birthday Paco!

    One of my fondest memories of your birthday, 4637 Terry Ave. Chino California 1970 something, running to the front of the house to see a beautiful big bicycle with large curled down chromed out handle handlebars, a long yellow banana seat and tall flag fixed to the back end just begging to be rode hard. That flag was screaming at you and me ” I want to be heard flapping in the wind just as fast as your small child legs can take me!” I knew not ask to ride it knowing what the answer would be, but what a great memory that was! Thanks Mom and Dad :)

  3. yep that’s it, thanks for sending this one, darla!

  4. The hardest thing was striping all the chrome, and that came off in about a week. That year had to have been ’71 or later, and the bike would have been the precursor to the (in)famous ’72 Dodge Dart (yellow banana) Swinger.

  5. wish I had a bike…..

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