Bigger Than The Gorfian Empire

bartop arcadei don’t need quarters anymore thanks to hoovie. he’s one of my oldest friends, and when he found a guy who makes affordable bartop arcade machines, he said “i’ll take two.” i am now the lucky owner of one of those machines. in addition to nostalgic games like pac man, galaga, dig dug, moon patrol, and gorf– this system has 18,000 games. josh came over to play donkey kong and joust, and when he texted his dad & brother they literally ran over to play paperboy and pitfall! afterward we ate lunch and talked about other things… but i know we were all thinking about those old games.fairmansatthebooth

2 Responses to Bigger Than The Gorfian Empire

  1. That is great, son. I’m glad you still have Hoovie to count on. And how could I ever forget pacman? Wish I could meet his (Hoovie’s) dad.

  2. that Hoovie, what a great guy, loves to watch MTV repops and hang out. props!

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