Twilight Beach

OBSERVANDOtwilightbeachpaul and chuck were friends from college. it was their dream to live on the beach. it was all they ever talked about. “everything we need is there, right?” paul asked. “sure,” answered chuck, “and if it isn’t there today, it will wash up on the shore tomorrow!” one night they gathered some blankets and hot dogs, and set out to make their dream come true. they found a good spot on the beach, built a shelter of out driftwood, and used the leftover sticks to start a fire.

3 Responses to Twilight Beach

  1. they stole that line out of mosquito coast. are they still there or did the preacher shoot them too?

    • Mom, you remembered! paul & chuck are just two names i pulled out of my past. they were close friends that i lived with in olathe, and they never talked about living on the beach. i just found this cool photo a long time ago, and wanted to create a story around it.

  2. yea, we’ve watched the movie a couple of times. that’s a pretty good story, you should follow up.

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