Shrunk To Fit In Your Home

miniTEMPESTarrowhere is the irony of ironies: by the late 90′s, all of the arcades i went to as a kid died when people realized they could stay home, and play games instead– fast forward 20 years, new wave toys is making retro arcade games 1/6th the size of the originals that you can play in your home! they have all the sights and sounds of the old games, and retro gamers like willy (pictured above) are going nuts over them. if there was ever a place to create & destroy worlds, it was the 80′s arcade. i loved going to alladin’s castle at northpark mall, spaceworld in neosho, lemans and malibu in kc, and all the other dark rooms dimly lit by a game’s marquee and screen… and now i can can be in two places at once!

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  1. Don’t forgst all the ones you went to in Calif b4 you left there.

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