Getting To Know You

petethe internet introduced me to a few people this week. one of them was howard, an obscure 80′s music fan from massachusetts. he was trying to remember a song from the early days of MTV, but he didn’t know the artist or any of the lyrics. the only thing he could remember was the music video, and it had “a man walking through an apartment past singing mannequin heads.” i posted a link to a weird little little song, and asked “is this it?” that song is mostly made up of mannequins, shaving, and pete townshend NOT playing a guitar. that was it.

One Response to Getting To Know You

  1. so did you talk to Howard or just get it off his mind? son is there any music trivia from the 80′s you Don’t know? now that’s a dumb question! how in the world could you answer that? :)

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