The Mother Of All Comfort Foods

dorcasreillyGREENBEANCASSdoes anyone remember who tossed the first caesar salad? does anyone know who baked the first chicken pot pie? thanks to my friend chris mull (and CNN) i know that dorcas reilly, created the first green bean casserole. sadly, she passed away this month at the age of 92. i think this news hit chris pretty hard because he learned how to make a green bean casserole from dorcas herself.

3 Responses to The Mother Of All Comfort Foods

  1. Wow! That’s like me and Mildred Ryan, who was best friends with mom. She passed just last year. She was 99.

  2. We better start eating more green bean cassaroles. My sympathies to Chris.

  3. mom, dad, i was just joking about chris learning from dorcas reilly, he probably got it from the back of a campbell’s soup can… wait a minute, that’s where she worked back in the 1960′s. nevermind.

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