I’ll Never Let Go Of Your Hand

illneverletgoofyourhandlast friday darla & the girls came up for a visit. they had tickets for the last weekend of the renaissance festival. jenny & i hadn’t been to a renfest in years, but we agreed to go with them on saturday. there were lots of cool things to see & do, but my favorite part was when my sister held my hand and walked with me. i don’t know if darla will have time to read this blog entry, so i wrote her a letter this morning. the image above is from a youtube video. Scriabin28 assembled a bunch of these old pics for a tom waits song called never let go.

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  1. That’s sweet. Kinda reminds me of me and Thelma, my sis.even tho we wern’t that close, I talk to her. She plans on seeing Steve in Calif this Christmas.

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