Everyone’s Tony

tonydanzataXIyears ago, i remember hearing someone say “did you ever notice that every character tony danza plays on TV, is also called tony?” most of us remember seeing him first as a boxer/cabbie in the 1970′s as tony banta on taxitonyABCa few years later he was cast as tony micelli in a series called who’s the boss that ran from 1984-1992. in that show he played a retired baseball player turned housekeeper…Tony-Danza-good copthis year he came back in a netflix series called the good cop. his character, tony caruso, is an ex-cop who did jail time for a corruption conviction (i’ve watched 4 episodes & so far the show hasn’t explained the details of the actual charges) he is currently living with his son TJ, who has a spotless record & actually is a good cop. ahhhh tony tony tony.

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