Doctor’s Orders

lakeshorepathsaw my doctor for an annual check up & she said “find a physical activity that you like, and just do it.” so i drove to lake olathe last friday, and walked on a path that went from the dam to the beach house. the last time i went to this part of the lake, it was only as far as a geocache hidden just off the path. i never made it to the beach house until now. later i went to a pizza place and played pinball.

2 Responses to Doctor’s Orders

  1. proud of you son. Jim & I have been walking the mile track around the new hospital. that way if we pass out we don’t have far to go when someone finds us. :) we started out at 22 min. to go a mile, then we did several trips at 20 and one time we really pushed it in 17. keep it up!

  2. hey Son, pinball is not a physical activity. you gotta get with the program. you are needed on this earth.

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