Antioch Teens ’89

1989antiochteensi’m sure it didn’t happen this way– but when i see this picture from the years that jenny & i were volunteer youth leaders, the scene plays out like this:
it all started when someone said, “hey those concrete steps look like the ones that sylvester stallone ran up in Rocky!” then someone asked, “wasn’t that in philadelphia?” one thing led to another & before we knew it we were running up those steps wheezing, coughing & singing Gonna Fly Now.

4 Responses to Antioch Teens ’89

  1. where did you find that picture? when I go looking back at pictures from way back when, I get very nostalgic and sometimes sad. but this looks like such a happy picture.

  2. I’d like to teach the world to sing…

  3. i can’t remember how this picture surfaced mom, but it went up on facebook awhile back, and i wanted to share it w/you, dad, and chris.

  4. Glad you did.

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