Dad Jokes

robertyoungwhen i tell a corny joke, the kids at homer’s are the first ones to say “dave, that’s a dad joke.” that’s ok. out of all the categories of jokes (practical, dirty, sick, lame) i’m comfortable telling dad jokes at this point in my life. here are a choice few that i discovered* just this morning:
what is an arm exercise you can do at a dairy farm?
cheese curls
what is a shoulder exercise you can do at a cutlery store?
fork lifts
what is a wrist exercise you can do at a candy factory?
peppermint twist
what are all these exercises worth?
diddly squat
*these jokes are courtesy of the new york times crossword

2 Responses to Dad Jokes

  1. never heard of dad jokes. I hope those kids know how lucky they are to be working with a cool dad. one who is comfortable with himself and cares for and appreciates most all of them.

  2. thanks mom. jenny never heard them called “dad jokes” either until i told her that was the new term for “corny jokes.” how is your hand doing, btw? you’re giving it time to heal, i hope.

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