Last Couple of Days

yesterday jenny & i walked to an arts festival and the farmer’s market in old overland park. on our way there we cashed out a coin box that we keep for that type of an occasion. with a little over $20 we had enough money to buy some vegetables to make BLT’s. we also stopped at epg imaging and talked to bryan niezer. he’s married to cyndi, and she used to stop by homer’s with their kids. bryan told us that the city was letting people walk around with open containers of alcohol at the arts festival… apparently that was a first for the state of kansas.
later that night we drove to a campground outside of topeka. it had a pool that reminded me of the one at thunderbird motel where i worked one summer in 1985. we managed to start a campfire before the thunderstorms came. we also found out that gas was 20 cents cheaper in topeka… after we filled up in overland park. this morning we drove back home & called my dad to wish him a happy father’s day.

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  1. David Cedillo

    I watched your camp information, son, and it was cool. It reminds me of the places I was at in Missouri before l982. One of them was near Pleasantville, while I was sandblasting. However, in my estimation, they don’t compare to the campgrounds in California; remember? Also, we have some here. I looked them up, and you can find them at, and The second one is the church campgrounds we always went to when we were kids. Check them out.

  2. thanks dad, i’ll check those out. and yeah, i remember the campgrounds in california. i also remember lacy almost hanging herself and crapping all over that guy that tried to save her.

  3. Right. I remember all those crazy dogs, and we had a few of them. Remember Frampton, the one that thought he was Dumbo and a cowpatty dog? And then there was Pongo, the dalmation I went berzerck over when he ruined the apple tree in Chine, and I tried to drown? Then there was the stray at Lookeba that we were doctoring along when he jumped in a rabbit or gopher hole and snapped his back. Hooboy; I wonder who was weirder; the dogs of the dog owners. Anyway, we’re all going to the dogs, but maybe before long we’ll learn something at their expense. See ‘ya, son.

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