Leave A Message At The… What?

computer-chess-2013-002-wiley-wiggins-computersif you’re reading this between 3 and 4:30pm saturday, april 14– i’m not here. i’m doing beep goes the weasel at The Egg Business Incubator and Gallery in northeast kansas city. in addition to fruits & vegetables, we’ll be playing hard boiled eggs as part of Spring Time Fun: a weekend event that includes a fashion show, a display of┬áBhutanese Handicrafts, and much more.

2 Responses to Leave A Message At The… What?

  1. how did it go? that’s a new place right?

  2. it was good for me although the cold weather kept a lot of people away. and yeah it’s a new place. a mutual friend invited me to play & the folks that were there had a good time. they even tipped me a few dollars!!!

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