I’m Not The Only One

cox-ufo-1979while searching for old motel pics online i discovered 2 warps to neptune. it was a blog dedicated to: “Surveying the Gen X landscape and the origins of geek.” you know… nerdy stuff! in august 2016 the blogger for 2warpstoneptune.com told readers to check out his new website we are the mutants. it’s an online magazine that is “sifting the disregarded remains of the old world.” huh, just when i think the air couldn’t get any thinner out here in my search for all things weird, i bump into another geek like me.

2 Responses to I’m Not The Only One

  1. Are you a GEEK? I never knew that, I thought you were cool and just never grew up. Now you tell me!

  2. Lars Fessenton

    Hopefully, the “other one” is on the other side of the world. We need to maintain equilibrium.

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