200 Geocaches Later

me and michael sweeney geo sittingafter 12 years of following latitudes, longitudes, and hidden clues, i finally logged 200 geocaches. i jumped into the world of geocaching with both feet when my friends michael sweeney (above) and tim andersen asked if i wanted to go to monkey mountain, and i never looked back.  kookookachooyeah, i’m madmaxheadroom. jenny & i found the most recent geocache behind a perkins restaurant on 87th street. we left a pill container from stoner drug, and swapped it for a tiny blue translucent stone.stoner drug

4 Responses to 200 Geocaches Later

  1. congratulations

  2. thanks mom! although writing “congratulations” without an exclamation point feels like you’re handing me a flat tire. oh well. i’ll take it. :)

  3. You’ve always been the son I never wanted. Say that reminds me, I’ve got tons of crap if you want to spread it around the countryside as “treasure”.

  4. OOPS sorry, here’s your exclamation point. !

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