The Zen Of Bowling Score Math Part 1

s_Bowling_2bowling in the 21st century means that no one has to figure out how to add the bonus pins for strikes and spares. in today’s bowling alley the numbers are up on a screen. a computer program keeps score & figures out the bonus pins. well i remember a time before computers ruled the world. someone HAD to know that weird bowling math when a strike or a spare was rolled. a few nights ago i threw caution to the wind, cleared my head, and revisited bowling score math. it took some googling, and a bowling score sheet that i printed from here. by the 8th game on my atari 2600– i figured it out! ok… can you tally the score in the frames below?bowlingblanks

4 Responses to The Zen Of Bowling Score Math Part 1

  1. I’ve tried, but it’s been too long. I used to know how. I know a strike is 10, a spare is carried over to the first roll of the next frame but what box to put the #’s in and when I just don’t remember. I think you have too many spares in a row :)

    • mom! you’re the one that told ME how to do it! ok, here’s the secret formula… sshh! don’t tell anybody else :) – a strike is 10 plus the next two rolls, and a spare is 10 plus the next roll.

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