Wish You Were Home

wouldn’t it be cool if we (the universal “we”) sent and received postcards on a regular basis… ESPECIALLY if we sent them from our own home? you don’t have to be on vacation to see something you never noticed before, be reminded of someone, and write down the words, “wish you were here,” or “wish you were home so we could take pictures of each other next to an easter island head, then go swing on the monkey bars, then play atari and watch freaks and geeks.” yeah.

One Response to Wish You Were Home

  1. I am absolutely for this. For one, I’m a lover of snail mail. Two, I’m a lover of Freaks and Geeks. I own it in case you’d like to borrow it. However, you shouldn’t make the same mistake as my uncle on a business trip, writing to his wife. He forgot a vital letter in his postcard and wrote, “Wish you were her…”

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