Star Wars For Your Ears

pigmanyoda36 years ago in a galaxy far far away, someone made a radio adaptation of the first star wars movie. it was really cool to hear mark hammill and anthony daniels doing the voices of luke skywalker and C3P0. i unearthed this treasure last week, and i’m already up to episode 7 (there are 13). may the force be with me when it’s over.

4 Responses to Star Wars For Your Ears

  1. Jim says he needs to listen to 1 episode so he has an idea what you’re talking about. But I won’t let him use my GB’s for it. He’ll have to get it on his tablet.
    Hey Son, how’s your roof coming?

  2. I remember going with both you kids to see the first star wars in I think joplin. By the way, how’s Steve’s dad? I left darla a message but never heard back.

  3. mom: state farm needs to re-adjust their claim before we can pay a roofing co.
    dad: i remember seeing star wars in oklahoma, and i heard that steve’s dad was ok.

  4. Oh, yea! I think. I remember. Oklahoma city? And how did your roof get damaged?

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