Handful Of Memories On Darla’s Birthday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtoday is my sister’s birthday. she is pretty busy with her immediate family so i don’t know if i will get a chance to talk to her tonight. at least i can write down some cool memories that we share… like the time we were so bored on a roadtrip that we were reading the label on a vaseline jar out loud. that resulted in a goofy little song we made up about hemorrhoids– even though we didn’t know the meaning of the word… or the time we sold a cup of lemonade and dad’s velvet bullfighter painting for a dollar at our little sidewalk stand. the one above sold for $36 on etsy. sorry dad… or the time we accidentally discovered a morgue in the basement of a hospital. to this day i’m more careful when i push elevator buttons. happy birthday sis!

2 Responses to Handful Of Memories On Darla’s Birthday

  1. I tried calling her too, son. I remember many times I tucked her in and wondered if she would be the beautiful mother she is now. Now I guess we all know it’s true.

  2. oh I remember that song, hema, hema, hema, hema, hemaroid. and the velvet bullfighter, and wasn’t it the old oak hill hospital where granddad was that you went to the basement?
    what great fun memories. and yes, Darla is beautiful inside and out and has all our admiration.

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