You Can’t Keep A Good Beep Down

CoolHandLuke_135Pyxurzbeep goes the weasel is coming back to salon kitch to turn music fans into music players april 21st and may 19th! on both nights the fun starts @ 6pm. it’s kind of ironic though. every time i think folks are losing interest, or shows are slowing down– somebody asks for another one! when the radio stations wouldn’t return my calls & the culinary center stopped giving us free veggies, i thought “well this is it.” but then kitch and penny asked “when can you play at the salon again?” beep goes the weasel is the show that refuses to die, like paul newman in cool hand luke (above).

4 Responses to You Can’t Keep A Good Beep Down

  1. And the Beep goes on.

  2. I can play 50 eggs.

  3. chris, i almost wrote that EXACT line on the facebook post!!! now i have to see if it’s physically possible to play an egg. it probably will have to be hard boiled with the shell completely off.

  4. Remember the chicky song? Maybe you can play it on the eggs, if they don’t get you for cruelty to animals.

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