‘Twas The Day After St. Patrick’s

jennymejimmomatmurraysthis only makes symmetrical sense, but now that it’s one day after st. patrick’s day, i’ll write about what we did the night before. this is jenny, me, jim, and mom at murray’s tables and tap. behind us are mike and cameron from flannigan’s right hook. they played some awesome tunes like you’ve got to hide your love away, folsom prison blues, and the theme song from tv’s king of the hill. the warmer than usual weather this year has been surreal.

3 Responses to ‘Twas The Day After St. Patrick’s

  1. All of you guys look pretty sharp except for Jim. As far as heat, it’s supposed to be around 90 degrees today.

  2. Sorry,in my haste, I meant to say ‘all of you guys look pretty shot ‘ except for Jim and your mom. I’m not all that awake in the morning and Abby caught that.

  3. that’s funny, Jenny was the only one who didn’t have a drink.

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