“Proceed Until Apprehended”

motorcycle_in_the_raini googled the phrase “proceed until apprehended” a moment ago and there was 77,500 results. google’s findings associate it with career tips and leadership lessons, but someone else explained it to me as sticking to your principles, and holding fast to what you believe is right. louise mathis was the first person who gave me this advice, and i am forever grateful. by the way, i don’t know if i have permission to use the image above, but i’m going to leave it up until someone makes me take it down.

4 Responses to “Proceed Until Apprehended”

  1. Amen and keep on trucking, playing and keeping on for the Lord. Like Abe Lincoln said in the next to the last paragraph of his speech: ‘The world will little note not long remember what they (the dead) did here, but it will never forget what they did here’. Keep a goin (Frank L. Stanton poem) and more power to ‘ya.

  2. thanks for the words of encouragement dad! what’s the name of that Frank L. Stanton poem?

  3. Keep -a -Goin’.

  4. Oh: The quote from the Gettysburg Address was mis-quoted. It should read:
    “The world will little note nor long remember what we say (underline say) here but it will never forget what they did here”.

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