From The Crossroads To The Boulevard

01tap_peddlerlast friday i went back in time at tapcade. it’s an arcade, bar, restaurant, and theater on the edge of the crossroads. i ate street tacos for lunch, and played old video games like popeye, missile command, gorf, galaga, defender, spy hunter, and dig dug. i took southwest boulevard home instead of the freeway, and pulled over when i saw a sign for pies. this kind of advertising always got my attention when my family drove through the desert. i went inside and met the owners, tracy and tami. their roadside food stand is called the peddler’s daughter. they have shelves full of amish preserves, zucchini relish (i bought a jar), and pies. they are open year round!02preserves

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  1. I did respond to your Jeff video but it didn’t post. he had some good thîngs to say . I remember empathy and respect. thanks for sharing it.
    jim says he would like to go to the peddlars dtrs. l told him sometimes I don’t know if you were born before your time with what you do with computers or after your time, because of your nostalgia

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