At Homer’s And Home For Halloween

batmanlatte2pumpkinstoday was my 12th halloween @ homer’s. i opened with chlo√©. she made a cool cinnamon bat latt√©, and we both put faces on miniature pumpkins. nobody even minded the weird spooky music we played until noon… ok, that’s not completely true. some folks rolled their eyes when they heard midnight howls and banshee screams coming over the main speakers. i couldn’t pass on a 3 hour compilation of 1960′s halloween novelty songs that i found on spotify. it even had some cool movie promos like this one.

charliebrownas i make this blog entry in my living room it’s a little after 7pm and we’ve had three trick or treaters come to the door. their costumes were spiderman, one of the power rangers, and a scary clown. the charlie brown gif above is courtesy of

2 Responses to At Homer’s And Home For Halloween

  1. good work CHLOE. I like the pumpkins too.
    we went to friends house to share their trick or treaters, ate KFC and watched dancing with the stars. Jim was so exhausted from working on the mobil home, he didn’t even complain. :)

  2. We just stayed home and listened to Logan scaring off the trick or treaters.

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