The Last Couple Of Minutes

musicclocksometimes the last couple of minutes are the best ones– like last sunday: joshua and i got together to play guitars and record some audio, but we couldn’t find the groove until we were almost ready to call it quits. that’s when i started a G-C-D chord progression and joshua found 4 notes that went along. the stark simplicity of that concoction made us smile and nod our heads. this afternoon i fleshed out some lyrics, and called it 1980.

3 Responses to The Last Couple Of Minutes

  1. Jim said that was a nice crispy fresh tune. it was simple and he could understand it. not so much background so he could hear the you sing.
    good work guys.

  2. crispy and fresh huh? sounds like a good head of lettuce! thanks mom! thanks jim!

  3. Yup sometimes it’s not a matter of how much time you spend, and sometimes it is.

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