The Facts And Fiction Blur

1974-Dodge-Monaco3jenny went to iowa for a couple of days so i had some free time to drive around kansas city last night with chris. ok now when i write a sentence like that, and then post a pic from the blues brothers, my imagination can sorta go off the deep end. (cue the peter gunn theme) chris had turned into a hermit for an unnatural period of time. no one had seen him for days. i sent him a text that said “we gotta go see the penguin.” at first he said “no way,” but when when i showed up at his house 15 minutes later, he was standing in his driveway like an ex-con waiting for a bus. we promptly got lost in the west bottoms, played chicken with a semi, and found a back entrance to a former speakeasy. there was a creepy red light inside the entry way, and it seemed like a place where drug deals could go sour. i noticed some train tracks nearby and asked chris “how often do the trains go by?” he answered “so often you won’t even notice it.” then we drove to town topic, and ordered four fried chickens and a coke.

5 Responses to The Facts And Fiction Blur

  1. OMG Son what did you do with the other 2 chicken’s? I know you and Chris can only eat one apiece and that’s alot. Sounds like old times for you two. But honestly, do you have to choose such sleezy places? You 2 are living on the edge when you go there. This is your mom speaking with love and concern.

  2. Epic my friend…..epic

  3. Oh,..just read the comments from “mom”….guess the nuns have spoken, love and concerns. ..epic

  4. haha! thanks hoovie. and yeah, that’s really my mom posting those comments.

  5. Just be glad your mom doesn’t call you in the middle of something like that and tell you what Jim’s up to (like in the TV commercial when the guy’s fighting off some thugs) and ask you if you’re taking a zumba class.

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