Chris, Roy, and Me

chris_roy_meSIZEDchris and i went back to the river market last saturday to play acoustic tunes under the name motel mancini. we didn’t have a sign, but we needed a name when we started playing this particular gig last year. the third guy in the pic above isn’t in our band, but he’s a regular performer at the river market. his name is roy, and he plays at least four instruments at the same time. saturday we also reunited with dan the banjo player, and he introduced us to cindy the violinist.

2 Responses to Chris, Roy, and Me

  1. We gotta come see you. Souds like so much fun. Unless there’s some kind of connection, I still don’t understand Motel Mancini. Was it in a movie?

  2. motel mancini is just a name that i thought would sound cool. we needed a name on the busker application that i filled out. i knew that chris liked henry mancini, and i’m partial to motels like the white haven, so it seemed like a good flag to run up the pole. that picture of warren beatty and dustin hoffman (two blog posts back) is from the movie ISHTAR. chris and i loved that movie when it came out, everybody else hated it.

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