On The Spillway With Nate

nateforemebacknate got excited about a manual typewriter that his grandma gave him recently. he writes poetry, and because this thing requires NO electricity i said that he should go out into the wilderness and record a video of himself typing on it. later i asked if i could join him, and bring my guitar. he said “sure,” and we drove to lake olathe. we walked past a “no trespassing” sign on top of a dam to get to this spot. the pic above is from the video we shot. when i upload the video clips, they will have to be edited because it was so windy that day.

2 Responses to On The Spillway With Nate

  1. amazing, with all the electronic gadgets we have Nate gets turned on to a manual typewriter. Maybe there’s hope after all!

  2. Well, you better write some good news on my dad’s old Underwood I think I took it with me when I left for Pasadena College. I’m gonna start asking around, because, frankly, I forgot. I think I still have some papers I did, but I’d have to check the type and date (if I dated them).

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