Look, Listen, And Feel

BEEP THIS WAY halfi’m putting up fliers to redirect foot traffic off santa fe to salon kitch tonight for beep goes the weasel. last month we jammed with 5 people, tonight’s goal is 6! with any luck pedestrians will hear the sweet sounds of retro synth, and feel like hanging out. afterward we’ll watch educational film shorts by rifftrax that feature puppets, and the repercussions of auto theft.

2 Responses to Look, Listen, And Feel

  1. how did it go? did you reach your goal? it was pretty cold here, that could be a deterrent. whatever, I know you had fun.
    we had our Christmas party with Derrick’s family last night. had a good time. they gave us too many gifts, of course Jim was happy :)

  2. it went well, mom! thanks for asking. and yeah, we had more people stop by than last month. glad to hear that you had a good time @ Derrick’s, and that Jim was happy!

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