Happy Birthday Sis!

me and darladarla is my sister. today is her birthday. when mom and dad brought darla home from the hospital, mom said that i had to care of my new little sister. i wasn’t even three yet. as the years went by we used bath towels for capes and pretended to be super heroes, woke up early to watch saturday morning cartoons, and ran through sprinklers in the summer. i can’t imagine my childhood without her. i love you sis.

5 Responses to Happy Birthday Sis!

  1. Oh my goodness, you made me cry. I wish we could have those days over again. Except when you poked her in the eye’s! Happy birthday Darla, and thanks for the memories Son.

  2. yeah, it’s ironic that i’m wearing prescription lenses and she doesn’t even glasses… maybe i’d see better if she had poked ME in the eyes!

  3. Hey Big Brother, thanks for the kind words, I love you too. Thought you should know that I too should be wearing glasses, but you know how tight I am. This pic is of us geocaching near the old McGinnis Farm.

  4. I remember that geocaching trip! BTW, YOU DID WHAT UNCLE DAVE?!?

  5. (just got my computer back-fixed by Nick). Amen to that! I hope I get to run in the sprinklers again, but you’ll have to give me a push. I’m leary of falling now.

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