A Beep Here, A Beep There…

carrots at the boulevard with text2last night i was invited to write on the rocket blog! my first entry: beeping at the boulevard recaps what beep goes the weasel* is about, how that project is coming along, and what is on the horizon. hey! on a slightly related note: tomorrow night is first fridays, which means mondo beep will return to the pop up gallery from 6-9pm. mondo beep is a little more reckless and chaotic than BGTW, so bring knee pads and protective eyewear.
*support for this work is provided by a rocket grants project award, a program of the charlotte street foundation and the university of kansas spencer museum of art. funding is provided by the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts.

2 Responses to A Beep Here, A Beep There…

  1. Dave!

    I was just checking out a video from Radiolab (one of the best things on the planet if one is interested in learning new things and/or seeing old things in a new way). I wanted to learn more about the musicians who were in a stage production on “dinopocalypse.” In particular, I was taken by a woman with nothing but an electric guitar and a bass violin bow. Sounds prosaic, yes. But . . . here’s what her blurb said about her. I’ll paste the web page address should you want to listen to her & the other musicians as you watch the stage show.


    (you want to watch the one titled “Apocalyptical.”

    ;o) JG

  2. Well, I see my copy & paste blurb about the musician didn’t come through. You can still read it using that URL.

    ;O) JG

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