Aelitathe screenland crossroads was a fine arts theater and an 80′s arcade. it closed last year with hopes of re-opening near the old kansas city star building. i used to frequent the arcade, and became friends with the managers, bonnie and jason. bonnie was working with me to put music to a silent film about russians traveling to mars. screenland closed before they could show this movie, aelita queen of mars. this is one of the clips i made.

2 Responses to Aelita

  1. David Cedillo

    that’s cool, but why did you make the clip, son?-dad

  2. dad, some friends who were managing a fine arts theater last year were working with me to put a soundtrack on this old silent film. i was trying out different music and sounds to see what would fit. the actual movie part i dubbed is over 3 minutes long, and has 2 more scores that i recorded. i’ll upload them in small portions in the next few days/weeks.

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