Clear Lake, IA

clear lakejune was a super busy month, we went on vacation, hosted an 80s dance party for our anniversary, and did plenty of other stuff that eats up a month… so that’s why it has taken a long time to get another postcard show recorded, edited, and uploaded. we did this one while we were camping out in clear lake, ia. why clear lake you ask? it was cheaper than going to michigan and the surf ballroom is there. click here for show #6.

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  1. Elizabeth Leach

    Interesting that the bugs bother Dave more than Jenny; that is true of us – they eat Gary like crazy and seldom bother me. I thought it was because I was old and tough. Maybe I just have uninteresting blood for mosquitoes. Whatever, it’s good for me. Glad to know how many urinals are in the men’s room. Sad about Buddy Holly.

    Another good postcard story.

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