Dad and the Scales

somewhere there are pictures of my dad playing the trumpet. i just don’t know where they are right now. the trumpet is just one of the instruments he plays. he also plays the piano and guitar. when my family lived in oklahoma, i have memories of dad playing scales over and over again. here’s a short song i wrote about it featuring the casio vl-1.

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  1. That's neat, son. brings back a lot of memories. Only thing:I went down chromatically, not scale-wise. Abby said not to tell you this, cause it would ruin the effect, and it probably would be impossible to make a 'ditty' based on chromatics. Nevertheless,

    That was great, son. I don’t think I could have done anything like that with scales. Only thing: I went down chromatically, not by scale. Thanks for remembering. Love, Dad. P.S.: Thanks for sticking in my old H.S. track song.

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