LookebaLookeba, it sounds like an indigenous tribal name– but it’s not.  It is a town in Oklahoma named after three white men: Lowe, Kelley, and Baker– it’s also where my family lived for a few years in the late 70′s.  This was our house that we built between just outside of town.  My brother-in-law asked for the address so he could drive by it on his way home from New Orleans recently.  Not much has changed.  The big cedar tree out front is gone, and so is my dad’s short bed Chevy truck, but I can still hear him practicing his scales on the trumpet.

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  1. WOW you’re right. Looks just the same except for the carport. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times like an eternity ago.
    I remember saying to one of the girls I played bunco with when she asked me how old I was and I said 32. Eventho we were never rich monetarily we had already bought 1 new home in Chino, had our Lokeba home built, bought 5 new vehicles, VW Bug, yellow swinger, green swinger, Chevy luv pick up and Chevy short bed pick up. And before that your Dad graduated from college debt free.
    So sad that’s not possible for the majority of young 30+ adults today.
    Thanks Son. I just went down a sweet memory lane.

    • you’re welcome Mom! thanks for going down it with me! I also found a picture of the Binger house, but I need your clarification on it. I’ll post it soon. I love you!

  2. ….love you too mom….

  3. Thanks Hoovie, come see us sometime.
    Same place anytime.

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