The Stamp That Would Be King

RIGHTWe don’t get all shook up around hot surfaces, our Elvis oven mitt still keeps us from becoming a hunka hunka burning love.  I don’t how we acquired this memento of the first pop icon postage stamp, but I do remember that we were living in Virginia when everyone started “itching like a man on a fuzzy tree” for the Elvis stamp.  Roman Mars and the good folks at 99 Percent Invisible brought me back to that time with this story.  Also thanks to my mother for my earliest Elvis memories, and for taking me and my sister to see him in concert.  Happy birthday Mom!

3 Responses to The Stamp That Would Be King

  1. Well that was certainly interesting.
    Who would have thought having a picture on a stamp could be so involved in legalities.
    Thanks for the stories.

  2. YOU SAW ELVIS, THAT’S WAY COOL, ….nic finger saver too

  3. Meant to say nice, not nic,nic isn’t anyone I know

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