Live From Hawaii


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  1. What is this picture saying Son?

    • Mom, the lava bed is a screenshot I took from a live video. A volcano erupted in Hawaii recently and there’s a cool live cam 24/7 that shows what the volcano looks like now… and at night it’s pretty cool. here’s the link:
      …I added the Darth Vader image while I was watching it at work last week.

  2. ……Join the Empire to free Hawaii… ….

  3. Really this is saying don’t trust anyone’s photos to be real in this day and age. Right around the corner is AI gearing up to “pretend” to be someone’s voice, that it isn’t.

    Advancements in digital technology has overtaken our world. Soon we will understand John Conners outlook for humanity.

    ….or something like that

  4. ……sorry, too many AI stories from the news….

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