A Change Is Gonna Come

01 martyAre you ready for the time shift?  This weekend most of us will travel into the future exactly one hour.  Hawaii and Arizona will stay in the past while the rest of the United States saves the living daylights for the next 8 months.  I wonder if residents living near time zones that separate Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones ever get used to it.  I imagine that they travel through time faster than a clock ticks off the minutes.  In my home state someone driving west from Brewster to Goodland can go back in time in the span of 20 miles.  It would be cool if there was vertical map of cities that straddle the time zones, and tourist attractions with a time travel theme could thrive to bolster those rural communities.  Until then standard time will resume November 5.

2 Responses to A Change Is Gonna Come

  1. I’m never ready to get up an hour earlier unless something exciting is about to happen.
    This Sunday, our church will be celebrating it’s 64th anniversary. We will have a couple of the older previous ministers of the church speak and lunch in the fellowship hall after the morning service.
    We’ll need that extra hour to hear about how the church has evolved, hear Gods word, enjoy one another and share our meal.
    Enjoy every minute of your extra hour.

  2. 04/21/2023…… still feeling it….

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