Monthly Archives: October 2019

The Time Of The DJ

deejayThere was a time when radio deejays were entertaining and knowledgeable. We are no longer living in that time. Tonight Jenny & I were laughing uncontrollably when a DJ played Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. We thought it was funny because the DJ called the band Stewardship, and apparently it is a big deal that they are coming to Great Bend, KS on October 19. Great Bend is over 250 miles west of Kansas City. That’s almost 4 hours driving time. I don’t know anyone who is that big of a Starship fan.

Hemlock Halloween Again

hemlock house 2Everyone in my neighborhood knows that Halloween is only four weeks away when the skeletons come out on Hemlock. For the last 20 years the folks that live in this house wait until October 1st to decorate their yard. Then 30 days later, they crank up the audio: thunder, moaning, cackling, and all the other scary noises that are associated with Halloween. I always wonder what the Jehovah’s Witnesses think about all this devilish detail. The church is just a few feet away.

What’s In The Works

NETWORK-Jp-1-jumboWhen we think about people and places, we remember faces and forget names. Sometimes smells and sounds can trigger a memory, and we remember images better than stories– but in the guts of every good story there’s cool stuff like:
a before and an after
a then and a now
a prologue and an epilogue
I’m putting together an audio podcast series called EPILOGUE CABIN. On each episode I’ll talk with old friends from high school to see if our memories match, and we’ll also find out what’s going on with each other right now. Stay tuned!

Just The Pics Ma’am

SHS35Memories used to be “pressed between the pages of my mind,” but with today’s technology, it just takes a few seconds to project them up on a big screen– or put them up on social media. These are a few of the pictures that ran on a slideshow at my high school reunion a couple of Saturdays ago.

Anagram It

dognailsIt was just a folded piece of paper… something that had fallen out of someone’s pocket. After reading it, I asked a couple of people, “is this yours?” when no one claimed it, I posted it on instagram and facebook. Then I entered the listed items into an anagram generator and got these results:
Dog Nails = dang silo
Oil Change = goal niche
Ink berry Bush = nubby shirker